Im a werewolf and he is my human mate...

Im a werewolf and he is my human mate...

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Ellie or Ells By V3Music Completed

Scarlett has 5 older brothers. Shes the Alphas daughter and to top it off, she is the next Alpha in line.....
She goes back to school where she meets her mate and they instantly click but what will he do when he finds out that she is werewolf?
Join Scar and her brothers as they discover their mates and the truth behind the lies

xxx This is my first book so stick with me please!!xxx

(And the pictures i have used in my cover do not belong to me, i have no rights related to them, i just retrieved them from google)

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ItsNatiebree ItsNatiebree Jul 15, 2017
So that's not just something I do most girls think there scars are medals
sarcasticweirdo15 sarcasticweirdo15 Jul 02, 2016
I don't get why ppl are bullied cause they are "emo" it's stupid
sarcasticweirdo15 sarcasticweirdo15 Jul 02, 2016
When I read purple skinny jeans I thought Howard in big bang theory
sam_heart sam_heart Aug 16, 2016
Am I the only one thinking "poor mother" she had 3 sets of twins that's got to be tiring
memus101 memus101 Dec 24, 2015
Lol literally half my grade think I go out with this kid named tyler
LeeannaJustice LeeannaJustice Aug 31, 2015
This is my dream life to every detail like it scary how close it is. :)