Holding On Tord x Reader

Holding On Tord x Reader

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Oh W0w this is a thing So let's begin shall we?

So the plot huh? Welp:

Everyone has questions. Y/N's Sister died. She claims it was an accident. But there are more secrets that lay in her heart.

Aye. There ya go

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I don't care about the action figure just don't take my phone
AmericasFavFrenchFry AmericasFavFrenchFry Dec 26, 2017
oh at least he didn't take- HE TOOK THE GALAXY DORITO
                              MATT GIVE IT BACK
Dawn_Yamato Dawn_Yamato May 07
Take my Roman Torchwick figure...
                              I will turn your bones into a cane for my Roman cosplay and use your head as a prop
If I was knocking on their door and I heard footsteps coming to the door, I'll just be like "Nope! I am done! I do not want to communicate with any human being today, goodbye door!" Then just head to the corner and cry cause I'm a useles price of trash ;v;
Anxty_ Anxty_ Dec 18, 2017
                              O H M Y G O D
tordletommi tordletommi Jul 28
You. Touched. My. Hatsune Miku. Figure?! I HATE CHUUUUUUUUUUUU