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Rachel Scarborough By RachelScarborough Completed

"This sounds like one of those cliché books or television shows. Like, eventually there's going to be a big showdown between us and the guy you annoyed, and we'll either win or one of us will die dramatically."

Have you ever wanted to do something reckless? Blair has, but her life has resulted in a never ending string of unfortunate and embarrassing moments. Not exactly reckless, but it's the best she's got.

What she doesn't realise is that her life is going to take a right hand turn, throwing her into a world of crime, violence and over-night stays in prison cells.

But a girl can hardly do this alone.

Enter Jackson, an arrogant, self-absorbed fugitive, who'd rather punch a cop in the face than listen to them reading him his rights. After a night of drinking too much at a party, which he didn't want to attend in the first place, he needs a hand getting away.

Especially because the cops have a warrant out for his so-called arrest. And who else to oblige than Blair Rodgers herself?

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Carina373 Carina373 Dec 31, 2017
Wow. This is such a great book. Like i read the whole thing in a day, you are so talented. I love how ot shows that yeah, life isnt perfect but u can get through it and its a redreshment from all the clichés. I absolutely loved it💓💓💓one of my favourites
Aweee...the book hasnt even started yet and my heart has already melted
thelonelywitch thelonelywitch Oct 26, 2013
Sounds interesting! Professionally written and easy to understand. I'll definitely look forward for the next chapters. :3