The Alpha's Little Kitten

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Meet Piper, the quirky, sassy, sexy, annoying, smart new girl. Meet Ash, the arrogant, show off, intelligent bad ass Alpha. These two idiots are so similar, yet so different.  They're mates.   But Piper moved country and pack for a reason, so what happens when MoonDawn's beloved Luna Piper is threatened again.  And what happens when Piper goes through a huge change?   Ash better keep his eye on Piper, because shit's about to go down. And it looks like Piper is in the middle of it.
                                    That's really rude to hate on someone's book. They are trying to write something for other people to read. You don't need to comment hate and add drama to the site. 
                                    People enjoy this book and if you don't fine; don't comment just stop reading.
When I think of an attic I always think of the place under the stairs in Harry Potter. Gosh do I hate Harry Potter
Okay,question. Why was she supposed to get the guest bedroom? If there's 5 other rooms and 2 guest, why couldn't she get the legit bedroom? :$ oh well.
they the best radiactive is my favorite song but i steal a big fan
I have to wake up ar 4;00 or 4;30v everday starting this fall. That is really gonnna suck.
I have to be at school before 8 am and it hard for me and y'all have to wake up at 5:30 damn that's too much for me