It Began With A Punch To The Face

It Began With A Punch To The Face

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It all began with a punch to the face. 

Poor Chase gets a black eye by a sexy, hot girl aka Ms Sexy/ Kaycee, they met and trouble begins. 
Kaycee gets jealous when she sees Chase with another girl and Chase worries she might get angry

But why do they care about what the other one feels

They hate each other but one of falls in love.
They love each other but someone wants them apart. 

What willl happen in this carzy love story? 


I saw her throwing the water bottle as an anime character weird?😂
Is it sad that I'm only reading this cuz its my name exactly and thus has never happened and it just made my day
julianna211 julianna211 Aug 14 confused I had to read it like two times to understand that she changed the point of veiw
I think you should have told us u switched the prov because I'm confuzzled
I had to read it like 5 times before I understood what the heck was going on
AlyricLamb AlyricLamb Nov 22
Tell me y I read his like 6 times before I realized the pov changed