It Began With A Punch To The Face

It Began With A Punch To The Face

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It all began with a punch to the face. 

Poor Chase gets a black eye by a sexy, hot girl aka Ms Sexy/ Kaycee, they met and trouble begins. 
Kaycee gets jealous when she sees Chase with another girl and Chase worries she might get angry

But why do they care about what the other one feels

They hate each other but one of falls in love.
They love each other but someone wants them apart. 

What willl happen in this carzy love story? 


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All bad boys have brown or black hair. Do authors do that on purpose
Where are they?
                              In America you get your permit at 15 and license at 16
Wow. Okay. So. Her mom just let's her ten yr old child cuss openly. Sweet. If I said Ass out loud my mom would beat me with a castiron skillet
tjqveen1 tjqveen1 Jul 30
U can have a license when you 17 that's when ur supposed to get it
delena0707 delena0707 Jul 19
Does anyone else find it funny that summer starts in June and those are her friends names? No? Okay then...
krypton_Katie krypton_Katie Sep 10, 2016
Im sorry but I think there is too much doing so the story is just stuck