Deeper Tides | Jared Cameron

Deeper Tides | Jared Cameron

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Disney Princess [s.u] By -hopscotch Updated Feb 16

❝I might not have much to my name, but I would give you the world if I could.❞

❝I want to see everything, to go as far as the wind can carry me because I no longer want to be trapped in that tiny cove with the same faces. I want to see what lay beyond the bend, and even farther than that.❞

❝I just don't understand how a world that makes such wonderful things, can be so horrible and cruel. You are not at all the people that you said that you were.❞

[Jared Cameron]

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remustark remustark Dec 26, 2016
i'm so excited for this because we don't get a lot of jared stories and i love your writing!!
-sendlove -sendlove Dec 20, 2016
This is giving me The Little Mermaid vibes and I'm lovin' it