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Alexandra May By alexmayauthor Updated Dec 19, 2016

Nikki Hamilton was a top surf pro at the peak of her career. Katie Hempstead was a freelance surfing journalist and Nikki's best friend. They travelled the world together on a ride of surf, sangria and sexy guys. They worked hard, partied even harder, and had a whole lot of fun. But one night fate's cruel hand struck. Nikki died in shocking circumstances. Traumatised by her friend's sudden death, Katie made the decision to turn her back on her old life beginning with her name. Katie Hempstead was dead. She died on the same night Nikki did.

Over the next couple of years, Katie keeps only one connection to her past life. A regular exchange of letters with Lucas Hamilton, Nikki's twin brother, the brother she never got to meet. Together they find solace in each other's words as they both try to re-establish life after Nikki. But it comes at a price.

Three years on from that fateful night Kara Holmsworth is dramatically rescued from an Iranian prison by the SAS. Her three-month incarceration had been avidly publicised by the world media. Now she's free she just wants to hide away.

When her family shows their indifference at her return Kara decides to return to Hawaii and to finally say goodbye to her best friend hoping to bury her ghosts from the past. But on O'ahu Island, no one knows who she really is. And islanders keep their own secrets. As Kara recuperates, her presence on the island threatens to bring back the one event that she wished had stayed buried.

Now it's only a question of time before Lucas discovers who Kara is. The truth of how Nikki died. And if he finds out Kara could lose him too.