Wanting A Happy Ending

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*A Short Werewolf Romance Story*
    Adrian Dawson. Due to the previous part of his life, his parents death along with having to join another pack and then joining back the first pack, he found one thing he thought he would never find. His mate. Madison Miller. But due to his first love, who was a human, who had also past away on him...he refused to get close to her. He refused to love her. Everyone he loves, or loved always left him. It was like a goddamn curse. He didn't want the same to happen again...especially to his mate...just will his thick wall ever break? Would Madi go and live the rest of her life with another guy?
meh its not a curse, just coincidences, stupid guy shouldnt deny madi
i ikkkeeeyy awwe aarons a sweety :] hpefully he doesnt become some pysco lmao
I liked it. The title reminded me of the song "My happy ending" by Avril Lavigne.