All Roads Lead To Roam

All Roads Lead To Roam

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Sean Tarr By Sir_Starr Updated Nov 01, 2013

Greetings Traveller

It is good that you have found these pages, this book, which is perhaps by now ancient, or perhaps still speaks of the possible events that may come to pass in the future. I pray that they find you well and in good time, so that you may take these words in thoughtfully, and with reverent contemplation, so that you can prepare yourself for the things to come and through it to make the world a better place for all. A world where honour, love, the beauty of life and a higher purpose is once more praised and again sought after.

May your travels be safe and swift and your calling clear and true.

Until we meet again.

- John of the Lost


A note from the author

All Roads Lead To Roam is my first attempt at writing a novel of 50,000 word within a month's time, which forms part of the Nanowrimo novel writing month of November 2013. I have to date not completed any full length novels and my hope in this is that this venture will be the start of many more stories to come.

This is very much a work in process, so much so that things may be edited by me on the fly, and changed before your very eyes. Please bare with me and let me know what you think of the general idea. There may still be some glaring inconsistencies with regards to the science and the actual effect of things that happen within the story. I am pretty much figuring it all out as I go and hope to get it as coherent as possible. This is science fiction after all and I can therefore take a few creative liberties as I see fit.

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