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River of Souls {Lazarus Trilogy Book 1}

River of Souls {Lazarus Trilogy Book 1}

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T.L. Bodine By TLBodine Updated 2 hours ago

Undeath is a manageable condition.
That's what the media says, anyway: With the help of the miracle life-extension drug, Lazarus, the Undead can retain their humanity and live normal, happy lives.
Davin Montoya was eager to believe all of that. Forced to drop out of college to take care of his teenage sister, Zoe, after their father drank himself to death, he was more than happy to sign the no-good alcoholic over to the Lazarus House for treatment. That was one less thing for him to worry about.
Until an accident left him joining the ranks of the freshly deceased himself.
Now, as the only thing standing between Zoe and foster care, Davin is desperate to stay under the government's radar. But to do so, he must venture into the underground society of Unregistered Undead - a dangerous world of drug deals, vigilantes, and a government conspiracy that goes deeper than he could have ever imagined.

Kotkoda Kotkoda Jan 07
You have a great first chapter here that really entrances the reader.  Also love the flow of your work. Well done.
BrandenburgsAngel BrandenburgsAngel Dec 20, 2016
Yes. I told you it was something you needed to slog through and I was right. This is immediately interesting with a lot of questions I want answered.
MrSanguine MrSanguine Jan 14
Great first chapter. This is nice & urban. I like your narrative voice. I can't say much. You've set the world by giving details, but I'd like more about the world concernign descriptions.
BrandenburgsAngel BrandenburgsAngel Dec 20, 2016
Yes, good. I'm already interested in her, which is saying something considering her brother is a zombie.
BrandenburgsAngel BrandenburgsAngel Dec 20, 2016
"Which, as it turns out, makes a pretty big difference." -- this is really powerful and I'm not even sure why, but damn it jumped off the page at me.
Out_Foxed Out_Foxed Dec 19, 2016
Love everything about this! You have a fantastic writing style and a really interesting plot here. The new take on 'zombies' is both touching and a little heartbreaking but it doesn't leave behind humour with the brother and sister squabbles. Phenomenal start! More people need to read this!