Lily Luna's Story

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'Families are like roses. The petals are intertwined and tight-knit, but there are always the petals that are on the outside, wanting to be part of the beautiful pattern and not quite making it. In my family, I was the outside petal; always there and trying to fit in, but not quite managing. That was the way it always was and how I thought it always would be. But I was wrong.'
    Lily Luna Potter never really fit in with her family, who was constantly under a microscope to the public. She didn’t like that everything she did wrong was known by wizards and witches everywhere in Britain. Lily thought she was different to everyone else, but she never realised just how normal she had been, until one night something goes horribly wrong. Dark magic that nobody can understand taints Lily. Nothing like this has ever happened before to anyone and Lily has no idea what to do and how she will free herself of the curse she has to deal with and hide it from her family.
So is the Magic Number 7 and that doubled 14?
                                    Well at least she'll see two years of Hogwarts.
@DhaniM Molly and Lucy are Percy's daughters and Louis is Bills child
Love this ALREADY i loved your ginny story and this is just as good! :)
ohhh yay! i cant wait to read beyond excited!!!ur last book was amazing... xxxx zara
I really like this chapter.......... Poor lily never fitting in.
WOW! I love the prediction! My favourite bit was ' And history will come back and bite ' Or however it goes.... Anyways.... So cool! Love it!