The Grayscale Series (Book 1): Achromatic  [#Wattys2017]

The Grayscale Series (Book 1): Achromatic [#Wattys2017]

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Alexandra O'Alretha By FaridahSirena Updated Nov 18, 2017

"We bring you exclusive news tonight of a girl setting fire to St. John's Academy....."
When Misty Soprano is set up and falsely accused of arson by her closest and best friends, she finds herself in a whole different world of betrayal and loss. Her family faces the shame of the city and she finds herself alone. With her family in now gripping poverty,  she's  deprived of everything she ever worked for, and the crime slandering her character, she seeks to rebuild. There, she meets a particular group of teens.
Joseph Santana: Their laid back, yet collective and cunning leader.
Gabriella Martez: A bubbly, sociable, yet hard-working girl.
Will Richards: A funny, fun loving, yet brotherly boy
Angela Richards: A quiet, yet highly intelligent girl.
Anthony Rodriguez: A Casanova which could any girl drool.
Despite their kindness and any fragments of hope to rebuild, she is faced with the many consequences of her former friends' actions as she struggles to figure out why, why would they hurt her like this? However, there is an ever looming threat.  In a city nearing bankruptcy, growing crime problems, and the tensions between gangs growing non-stop, all it'll take is one bullet, one word, one action, to ignite. A storm is coming, and in more ways, than any can imagine leading her to make shocking discoveries about the city, people, and herself. But in the midst of the chaos, what will Misty choose in a time where many want her head on a platter? Can she protect herself and those she holds dear? What can they choose when the world seems to fall apart? When it becomes, achromatic?

This amazing cover was done by Tainted Graphics! She's very talented at what she does! Check her out!