i HaVe To GeT oUt Of HeRe!(Currently on hold..sorry! ><)

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Miku ^^ By _Mizuki2012_ Updated 3 years ago
A famous rock-star,Allison Yuki,a half-japanese,half-American from Tokyo,Japan gets kidnapped by a society called WHPD was shipped all the way to the U.S.A,far away from her home.She manages to escape from them when they arrived and is now on the run from place to place.Staying at peoples' houses in disguises.
    But one day,as she was on the run,she was mistaken by a high school teacher for a student in that school.The teacher,thinking she was skipping school dragged her along.Allison was forced to come along.
    Oh,this is fun! What will happen,I wonder? :3
    xoxo Mizuki
Well a decent storyline. But awkward and unnatural expression.