The Descendant and her Protector

The Descendant and her Protector

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Have you ever been in a situation and thought it was way to familiar, like you already had experienced that present moment before(deja vu)? Or  have a recurring dream? Well for as long as I can remember I've been having the same dreams every night, and some times I wake up screaming. I'm not the type to believe in reincarnation and fairytales, regardless the fact that my parents named me after a Greek goddess. But I feel I might be rethinking everything I ever thought about regarding myths or superstitions and magic pre-say. 

My name is Athena and I'm going to be off to college soon. I have great loving parents and two very over protective older brothers that are home for a few weeks from college. I love them to death but I can't wait till I get to my school and have some breathing room to do what I want. At least that's what my plan was till I ran into my brothers best friend Cole. Cole been best friends with my brothers since they were kids and now I'm attending the same college as him(I didn't know he was at this college). There is something about him though that I can't pin point at the moment. Besides him being blessed with such beauty! I swear I don't remember him being this attractive back home. But its been a few years since I've seen Cole, and my life is starting to do a 360.  

Besides falling in love with Cole and him trying to get me to believe he doesn't feel the same. There's other changes happening and I don't know if its going to be good or bad yet.

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