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Lucy By Healers Completed


 Indiana Wiley and Carter Warren; five year olds. Very dedicated fans to the Beatles. Ice cream lovers with Big dreams.

Sounds like normal children who lived normal childhoods, right?


Indiana Wiley; sixteen years old. Depressed. Anorexic. Brokenhearted.

Carter Warren; sixteen years old. Illegal alcoholic with unstable anger issues.

There was a climax in their life, where everything they hoped for and dreamed of together collapsed because of one encounter with a drunkard.
(Goal: A n t i - A l c o h o l  A w a r e n e s s.)
[cover by the amazing @luminouscities.]

  • addiction
  • alcohol
  • awareness
  • bad
  • consequence
  • depression
  • drinking
  • habits
  • illegal
Where's the book? I was gonna read it for a third time.. I'm literally in love with this book.
Nymrod Nymrod Aug 08, 2014
@Nonadawn The cover and the character name. What were the chances hey? xD
LilyWrites26 LilyWrites26 Dec 18, 2013
This is soo amazing! I can't even tell you! The cover is perfect. I love red velvet cupcakes!! It would mean so much to me if you would check out my work sometime. I would love to get your opinion <3
transoceanic transoceanic Nov 22, 2013
can i just say that i love this so far ♥ i love the story & cover and the characters and everything about this <3 this story is really unique and different from other stories i've read
                              can't wait for more! :)
lorenhurano lorenhurano Nov 16, 2013
oh i love your ideas .........make it better well ..........
Stellalovesyou Stellalovesyou Nov 10, 2013
I don't know why but I love this introduction lots! I'm really really interested and intrigued by it. And I love the cover, it's just looks so soft and lovely. Love, love, love! :)