The Watcher of Ecanus (On Hold)

The Watcher of Ecanus (On Hold)

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KBMallion By KBMallion Updated Nov 11, 2013

When Elita Ayers has two Italian customers come into the antique shop where she works, she has no idea the impact that these strangers shall have on the rest of her life.

Dimitrius D'angelis is darkly brooding, powerfully charming, and immortal.

He is the Watcher and Protector of all souls. 

He and his visionary, Urall, have come to seek out The Chosen One, who is destined to come into possession of The Book of Ecanus.

The Chosen One, shall have the ultimate power to free the damned and the confined fallen ones. If they are set free, all of humankind and all of the higher and lower realms are at risk of being no more.

It is during that first and brief encounter, that both Elita and Dimitrius find themselves overwhelmingly drawn to one another.

Is the pull there only because of The Book of Ecanus? 
Or is that fateful pull simply destiny  pushing them powerfully together?

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