Great Grail War : New Light

Great Grail War : New Light

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Nari Chaos By _Nrvnqsr_ Completed

This should've just a story of Fate/Apocrypha, where the ending already decided. Just by simply parallel phenomenon, the fate had been changed, without interfering Gaia and Alaya system. This all just caused by large scale of Holy Grail War. What fate that had changed?

It would be fine if she cursed those who betrayed. He could understand if she  hated them. But she had felt no hatred, resentment, or even regrets. 
For some  strange reason, he couldn't stand that.  

"You're so cryptic as human being. Those gaze filled with courage, her heart sealed forever in God's name, even those smile is really pure"

On a single thought, Shirou realized that he found a new light, she is the symbol of true justice. A something that he seek to change this world. 

He is already in love

  "I love you"