What Can I Do Now? Percy Jackson x Avengers Crossover

What Can I Do Now? Percy Jackson x Avengers Crossover

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Pietro By weird_is_dope_ Updated 6 days ago

They are all gone. 







All killed during the Second Giant War. I couldn't do anything but watch as they all got killed one by one. I ended up leaving camp since everything reminded me of them. I knew being a hero meant hardships, but can't the Fates be kind to me for once? To make things worse, there are a group of people in the mortal world trying to capture me. I guess I'll never get a break.

This story will take place after the Heroes of Olympus series except, the rest of the group is dead because of Percy and he is left broken so he leaves Camp Half Blood. The Avengers assemble after being called to bring in alive a teenager that is deemed highly dangerous and involved in several crimes. I will be updating whenever I get the chance to. I would update sooner but I am also in the process of writing a different fan fiction. 

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Toothlesskitty98767 Toothlesskitty98767 Sep 02, 2017
not being mean and rude promise and if i seems like that i'm so sorry i love this book so much its the best but how can i file tell them that he is at central park again not trying to be rude and if a am i'm so sorry i love this book
Jess: hamster!
                              Steven: mjorir....
                              Jess:Magical paper weight!
                              Sly:...Jess... It's a hammer.
                              Jess: same thing!
ImSorryForTheTrouble ImSorryForTheTrouble Jul 11, 2017
What happened to the kid? Jeez he's probably super scared and confused
weird_is_dope_ weird_is_dope_ Sep 02, 2017
@Toothlesskitty98767 dont apologize and you're not being rude at all. In my head I was thinking that they're like digital files that update themselves constantly based on what cameras see around the world and such, like surveillance. So yeah.
impala642 impala642 Dec 21, 2017
why is it that no one ever includes wanda maximoff A.K.A the scarlet witch and pietro maximoff A.K.A quicksilver
hiximxaxunicorn hiximxaxunicorn Jul 27, 2017
"I'm tired" is not something you say before you pass out Percy. You say," I will kill somebody if it means i could sleep right now."