The Incident at Garcinia Institute

The Incident at Garcinia Institute

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Raymond By RayGarden7 Updated May 15

It's been 10 years since the death of Henry's father. He was a brilliant man who worked for Lenora Institute of Technology, but he hid one important detail from his family. He wasn't who they thought he was, he actually worked for a secret government organization called the Genetic Bureau of Investigation also known as the G.B.I. 

Hidden under the Lenora Institute of Technology is a secret chamber called the Harlow Chamber. This chamber was created by Alexandra Duckworth, one of the five original founders of the Genetic Bureau of Investigation. They designed the chamber to hold the six original experiments, and they became known as the Omega Ones named after the Omegus formula that they were exposed to. 

 After Professor Duckworth vanished, the founders voted to destroy the Omega Ones, but before they could do anything. There was a horrible accident that took the life of several employees including Professor Jefferson. Henry Jones father, and after his death the family moved out of Brightwood. Henry mother found work in Corandale, and 10 years later Henry mother was laid off from her job. His mother found work in Brightwood, and the family moved back to Brightwood during the last month of summer. 

While Henry was attending Garcinia Institute he meet up with an old friend. Together they searched through the remains of Lenora Institute of Technology for clues about his father's death. While they were searching they discovered a few vials labeled Alphus Formula, and they decided to take a few of the vials back with them to Garcinia Institute to study. That's when the unthinkable happened, while they were studying the vials they accidentally knocked one of the vial over releasing the chemical into the air. In minutes the chemical turned into a gas that quickly spread thought the classroom, and as quickly as it spread it vanished.

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