My Mate's Choice

My Mate's Choice

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Your Secret Lover. By xoxosecretlover Completed

Beatrix found her mate on her 16th birthday.

Calvin isn't the perfect guy like every girl would want but that wasn't what Beatrix was looking for in her mate. The thought of having a mate is enough to get her excited.

So when she found out that her mate has a girlfriend, she went heartbroken.

Read to find out how Beatrix went through the days, waiting for her mate to decide between Beatrix herself or his girlfriend.

And what would she do if Calvin prefers his girlfriend over her?

Or what would Calvin do if certain Alpha was trying to get to his mate?

  • love
  • mates
  • rogues
  • vampire
DaejaCook DaejaCook Apr 10, 2017
I better not be reading a story from a girly girl....Bc I'm a tomboy.....And I HATE shopping and pink.... Of all thingd
DaejaCook DaejaCook Apr 10, 2017
I'd be chill like thank god I ain't a werewolf because I choose who I date not spending bitch who flies threw the sky like Harry Potter, so don't get ya hopes up chick and have a nice life 😀
its_raining_unicorns its_raining_unicorns Dec 21, 2017
Seems good so far. Only advice I have is loner chapters. So far, good.
MintShiro MintShiro Dec 08, 2017
I'm basically Sally. Except I wish I was a werewolf like her.
MintShiro MintShiro Dec 08, 2017
I was reading the description and I already fell in love with the main idea behind the story.
DaejaCook DaejaCook Apr 10, 2017
No fair I have to wake up at 6 bc school​ starts at 7 😭😭😭