Flirt (BoyxBoy)

Flirt (BoyxBoy)

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"If I wanted you," he lifted his index finger to my face and trailed it down my cheek, sending an unusual electric spark to shoot throughout my body, "I could have you."

Alexander "Alex" Moore is just your average gay kid. He's got a great life, amazing parents, good grades, heck, even a loving boyfriend!

Then his cousin, Felicia, visits and brings along someone new: Daniel Carson. He's hot, smart, and has what Alex calls "the body of a goddess"! Sadly, he's Felicia's boyfriend.

At first, Alex starts to mess with Daniel, but when the flirting turns into something more dangerous, Alex has to keep a few secrets to save his relationship. But he isn't the only one who has things to hide.

Hey! This is BoyxBoy! That means TWO GUYS together! If you don't like that stuff, why are you here?!

(Cover made by @HecDaevis)

Why ....... *rolls eyes* talk to the hand *walks into the kitchen to get a beverage*
Lmao I always thought it was Alex that says this in the novel description.....but dayummmmm its actually Daniel saying it WOW
I have a weird brain. I saw a profile pic of a dancing dick so whenever they say something like this, I think of thet
Seems like something yoongi would do if you wake him up😂😂
Bwoopp Bwoopp Jul 13
Okay but guys, if you look at the characters he ain't lying, Kenny is much sexier