The Perfect Harmony

The Perfect Harmony

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Julia By SunsetSinger Completed

Ariana Miller has never been described as one of those cliche 'normal girls'. Her favorite place to be is in an abandoned lot in the back of a rusty car shop where she spends most of her days in with her dog, Percy.  

So when her parents tell her that they have to leave her home in New York City to go to Los Angeles, she doesn't take it well. 

She never wanted to move or change or do anything new with her life. She just wanted to spend every day in her favorite place and write, read or play her music.  When she arrives at Los Angeles and meets Brandon Davis - her next door neighbor - at the beach, she immediately dislikes him. But he seems to do anything he can to break Ariana's walls down. 

Being set on being alone and having a place of her own, Ariana's mission is to find a secret place that only she knows, just like in New York. But a lot more things get in the way of that than Ariana thought.

Together with Brandon Davis, they seem to be able to handle anything. But they slowly uncover a secret that none of them were expecting.  It wasn't a dark secret that would change the fate of humanity, it was just a secret. A secret that both of them never expected they'd come across. But then again, it's more than just a secret.  

It's the one thing that brought two individuals together into perfect harmony.  

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I could have a codeword for banana, so I'd slap myself, I guess?
This description sounds amazing...and not a fan fiction (big bonus).
somethin_bout_nothin somethin_bout_nothin Jul 30, 2016
Change genders every time I sneezed. Being a boy would be interesting and I know how to make myself sneeze before I had to use the bathroom or anything. And I like that you gave us something to comment.
mysterious_writer1 mysterious_writer1 Jul 10, 2016
Ppl don't say banana often... But i also don't sneeze often... Idk, i guess i would have to have... Gender switches that come w/ the sneezes
OML SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS. (even if it's a fictional character 😂😂😂) I HATE THE COLOR YELLOW.
MeBeingDifficult MeBeingDifficult Oct 11, 2014
I'd change my gender... It'd be amazing thing. And I like this Ariana girl... You have a cool writing style.