The Goddess Hidden Within

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Amunet is the daughter of Hondo Asim, a high Priest and protector of the most powerful magic hidden within Egypt. Amunet is in line to become the next high Priestess. She has been training since her birth for the day she will take on this responsibility protecting her people. But nothing could prepare her for what will happen once she receives her powers. After she learns of a growing evil, she finds herself in danger and  must run away with Tarik, the man she loves but forbidden to marry. Tarik will be there during her hardest challenges. But during a time she is unsure of her powers and what she must face ahead, he leaves her. During his absence she will meet and fall for another. Amunet will be stuck to make the decision to have to kill one she loves to bring peace to her people.
Speed reader! Lol. Its a nice story, I be sure to read more later
Wow this is really good!! I'm surprised I didn't click on this earlier because I love Egyptian...anything haha. Poor Amunet though, it must be hard not to be with the one she loves. Or with anyone, for that matter...Anyway, great job! Voted =) 
The plot is very unique and original!! I really like the way you write and I love that it's set in Egypt!!
this is really awesome! i love ancient history related things. Ill def keep reading. the language u use is refreshing like when i saw crap lmao. Not used to seeing even that in stories. 
This is a really cool idea with a unique setting. Your writing flows nicely and I was interested throughout. The large spacing between your paragraphs was a bit distracting, but other than that good job~
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there were some typos but i found the story interesting. I don't read that many stories that takes place in egypt XD it was fun to read. The dialogue was nice as well. 
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