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To Dr. Bonnie Smith 

Don't be surprised that I found you. It was only a matter of time. 

It looks like you like asking questions, I have a few of my own. Until you can answer me honestly I think I will not  respond  to your questions truthfully either.

You want to know how it makes me feel to hurt people, if I regret it? Fundamentally, you want to know if I was born evil but you are too afraid to ask. 

Here's my questions: 

Are you chasing ghosts, Bonnie?

Why have you come here?


Bonnie has always led a perfect life, although unlucky to lose her parents early in life, she always had her siblings. 

During the week she leads a boring lifestyle as a psychiatrist of Hollywood's elite, dealing with their mundane problems. 

And on weekends, she is  known of as the sunshine amongst the darkness at  Hemming Heights Prison where she is conducting a study amongst the scariest murders that ever walked the earth. 

Hemming Heights is everything but boring. She faces cat calls,  vile things that could make you pregnant, others that pose a danger to her life, many that if given the chance will hold her down use her as a sex machine and then there's some that just stare, who's to know what's behind the stare of the vilest offenders?

But she's doing this for the love of science, right? Understanding people and wanting help, even the darkest of humanity need saving. 

But no one really drops their entire life for nothing...and her secret might just cause her to lose everything that holds her life together. One person threatens to destroy everything for her. 

The stakes are high. 

It's a game of Love, Revenge, and Hatred. Someone has to lose but she's playing against someone who has all the time in the world.

Cover by @Sereneur

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