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Before Noon

Before Noon

206K Reads 17K Votes 67 Part Story
G (READ PERFECTION!) By squirrelg Completed

**A Paid Story**


At noon, disasters sweep the planet. A long-awaited consequence of human wrongdoing - people have tried, but there is no turning back.

For taxi driver Isabel Ridley, trying to escape the apocalypse isn't the priority. Escaping the recurring nightmare is. She relives her last day on Earth over and over, from 6:41 to noon, and remembers everything.

Cursed with a twisted immortality, Isabel looks for ways to change the inevitable. Every modification to her day brings clues that don't add up. A failed space mission, a cover-up, and a light outside her window take her further from her routine, half a day at a time.

The world might stand a chance if she keeps dying.


Cover by @elzarion. Thank you!

Highest rank: #2 in science fiction (also #1 in science, #1 in time, #1 in sass, #1 in earth, #2 in epic, #2 Australia, #3 in alien, #9 in mystery)

Featured under Wattpad Picks/the featured list on 27.04.18 (for own record: 9.88k reads, 2.26k votes)

First place in:
The Chosen One of @FANTASCI
The Cryptic Awards
Scratchnem Awards
Royally Yours Awards
Sarang Awards
Summer Awards
Blank Sheets Special Awards
Flowers Awards
Blooming Awards
Titan Awards (+ best grammar)
Hidden Ge-ms July 2017
The Mystical Awards

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