He's my Boss [ManxMan] -Revising-

He's my Boss [ManxMan] -Revising-

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J.F. Lewis By Jerry_L Updated May 19, 2014

Revised chapters: [13/38]

About three things I was absolutely positive:

First, is that Henry Red is gay. Second, there was something in him, and I didn't know how dominant that part is, that attracted me towards him like magnet to a metal. And third, I am deeply and irrevocably insane.

Chad Pryce may not be smart, but at least he's not gay. Or so he thinks. When he started looking for a job (he's a little late for that), he bumps into a very handsome entrepreneur Henry Red. Henry Red owns The Red Restaurant, a popular restaurant in Tennessee and New York.

Henry Red is an asshole, but for Chad he's something special. What is it with Henry that Chad couldn't just resist? Could it be that Chad is falling for him?

Hey, citizens! Yep, this story is still under construction. Sorry, I know it's been a year. *sigh* Anyway, I'm still alive so don't forget to vote and comment! Happy reading, folks. ;)

@Jerry_L Oh noooo the bitchyness it's taking over!!! (well going to hell anyways why not make it more fun before I go???)
It's not right to judge.. everyone have a right to love who they want..
Hey you say brown eyes though both characters don't have brown eyes..Why is that??
-inamorato -inamorato Aug 06
This is the best and I am totally not complaing
                              (click my comment to know what part I'm talking about 😏😏)
Jerry_L Jerry_L Oct 07, 2015
@Greeneyez727 Oh my, thank you for leaving a comment! Yeah, I know right xD I just don't know how to balance the scenarios and I also don't want it to drag. But thank you very much :D
fa6amii_ fa6amii_ Sep 30, 2014
When are you going to finish revising I want to read the story I'm new it's my first time reading this story plzzzzzzz finish sooooon