The Corinthians Series: Rules of Masquerade

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Zaf.Ariel.Zul By ZafArielZul Completed
What will you get if you pair a reckless, impulsive, dramatic young lady and London's corinthian and master conspirator in an obscure engagement? 
    Simple: the bride to be will try to flee and the groom to be will do what he does best, to seduce and conspire!
amazing story! love the girl already! you should have much more readers!
There actually have, I saw a documentary about a woman who herself on fire because she didn't want to marry a certain man and her parents were forcing her.
I wonder if there have actually ever been cases of women killing themselves because of things like this.
Every time I read this I am never disappointed!
                                    its just one of those things you can keep coming back to - lovely writing :)
Love the way you've written this story. Its very impressive. I love it. :D
It was a interesting story to read...few times i had a wide smile reading it..good work..