Stone In Love

Stone In Love

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Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Completed

[Previously featured Wattpad Pick] Manhattan is the perfect place for a girl with unique qualities to stand out, or to blend in. Reese Kentwell doesn't know she's special, but something gives her away to anyone with keen senses, especially those who recognize the scent of their own. One of them is Vincent Valentino, a mysterious Manhattan mogul with enough sex appeal to power the city. Once Reese lands on this handsome playboy's radar, there is no turning back. From the first explosive kiss, Reese knows she's a goner, and despite her apprehension about Vincent's secret life, she is drawn into his world where crazy starts in the bedroom and spreads its wings from there. 

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YES LATIN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you a third principle part, because damn you are perfect
You really should read every book at least twice, to see all the hidden gems!
Abster0909 Abster0909 Aug 26
this girl is WILD 
                              i like it - she's not some quiet wattpad stereotype
Y’all. It’s a character. Not the author. The author probably doesn’t actually think this. Chill tf out and don’t jump all over EVERYTHING...
Wait... skinny shaming is a thing lmaooo?? People shame other people for the dumbest reasons smh
Abster0909 Abster0909 Aug 26
i'm white asian and i'm skinny as a rake 
                              so ummm there you go, bitch