Stone In Love

Stone In Love

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Morgan Rider By neverfakeit Completed

Manhattan is a city where dreams are made and lost overnight, and dogs are eaten by bigger dogs. The perfect place for a girl with unique qualities to blend in. Reese Kentwell doesn't know she's special, but something gives her away to anyone with keen senses. Those who recognize the scent of their own. 

Vincent Valentino, Manhattan mogul and confirmed bachelor, has enough sex appeal to power the city. Not only does Reese land on this handsome playboy's radar, she is swept off her feet by him with no chance of escape. Once Cupid's arrow hits them, their courtship takes a hard turn, one that has them at each other's throats, literally.

DISCLAIMER: This work is owned by the author. Please do not attempt to plagiarize or a swarm of demons will be released in your backyard.

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angelirn angelirn Nov 12
I'd be such a bore at a club without alcohol. Sad, I know. I should be able to have fun and dance without drinking. But I'm too damn shy! Painfully so. I need my liquid courage, pathetic or not. Haha
angelirn angelirn Nov 12
If THAT is what gives a guy a "fighting chance", your standards are way too low, honey.
It's uncomfortable to know she just accepted a drink from a guy she met minutes ago and didn't even see if he put something on her drink or not 👀
angelirn angelirn Nov 12
Ohhh no. That would send up red flags for sure! She could ask, at least! Snag the phone if she has to. Immature? Maybe. But so was he. I'm too old for games. 😒
I really like that the female protagonist protagonist is so unapologetic about having sex. Tired of the slut shaming going around. And the stereotypes, of course. Kudos to you for thinking of such a character!
saltpuppy saltpuppy Mar 21
Yay like that could end up really good 😏😏 or really bad😬😬