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mm By chaey_ Updated Nov 04, 2017

"YAHH!! Are you crazy!?!? Are you trying to make me injured?!" Chaeyoung said as she got up from the basketball court and look at her bruises leg. "Listen here,newbie! *chaeyoung lift her head up to meet the not so quiet girl in front of her* Eventhough 
i am that small, doesnt mean you can took advantage of me. Im still the leader in this team, cant you respect me!?" "Opss sorry, i didnt see you before because youre too small" "sorry but....what did you say?" Tzuyu interrupted.


"You will get to meet your new model today Son Chaeyoung!" 
"Really??! Who who who?"
"Another 5 mins and she will appear!"


"What the hell are you doing here!?"
"Oh pleasure to meet you,im your new model"
"Get out or else...."
"What!? You want to bully me at the school again!??!?"