☽ S i l v e r b a n e ☾ {DISCONTINUED}

☽ S i l v e r b a n e ☾ {DISCONTINUED}

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a r a b e l l a By elucentchaos Updated Jan 20, 2015

He's possessive. He's dominating. He's the Alpha of the fiercest, bloodiest pack in the world. He's my mate.

- - - 

"You belong to me. Say it," he growled, walking towards me slowly as l backed up. I narrowed my eyes in pure anger. "I'm not a goddamn object in need of ownership, you cocky, arrogant, son of a b-" "I wouldn't finish that sentence, if I were you," he said, his electric blue eyes hardening. "Why? You can't do anything to me," I said bravely, hoping to distract him as my back touched the wall. I had no where else to go. I was trapped. He smirked slowly and I swallowed. He was suddenly in front of me, and caged me in by placing his hands on the wall above my head. "What can I do to you, beautiful Astoria?" he asked huskily, brushing his lips against my neck. "N-nothing." He chuckled lowly, making my stomach flutter. "Oh, I can do so many things to you, sweetheart. The question is, where to start?"

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trueglory trueglory Jan 06, 2014
she is a wolf so shouldn't they have to learn their way is right even though it isn't