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My Dog is Human? This Cant be Real

My Dog is Human? This Cant be Real

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Purple_Raven By Purple_Raven Updated Apr 21, 2014

[Being edited] Walking into my room lazily holding my hot coco and phone in my hand I step in shutting the door with my foot. Now I was tired, it was like 12 in the morning because my dog woke me up! I glance up only to see a naked hot man laying down with my dog Reth's collar on! I drop my phone and my coco causing a breaking sound and my now ruined iPhone. My mouth was open as I tried my hardest not to scan his muscles, I mean body! Hey I'm innocent here!! He looks up flashing me a innocent smile causing me to squeak! My poor innocent eyes!!

KateKayson KateKayson Apr 12
I'm sorry. But ever time. And mean EVERY TIME. I see the name Xavier, my mind automatically goes to the bald guy in the wheelchair from x-men. I need help!
_losing_it_ _losing_it_ Feb 25, 2016
I called my dog Felix and he always just answered to that. once I laid with him and had serious conversation about him being a werewolf, but nothing happened.
Wee.  Dude,its gonna be a guy and you smash him into your blobs?
HateHumans35 HateHumans35 Oct 12, 2016
If Layla's mum and dad owns each brown and black pair of eyes, where does the voilet colour came from? Undetected genetics?
                              Ps: is it true that women who owns violet coloured eyes don't get periods but is still fertile?
tayhi553 tayhi553 Sep 23, 2015
Puppies growling is literally the cutest thing ever. (My beagle had 3 litters- 14 pups total <3)
Ohsnap516 Ohsnap516 Jul 15, 2015
Ha, my nephew's name is Landon but he has brown hair and hazel eyes