love comes afterward( zayn malik ) [Being Editing ]

love comes afterward( zayn malik ) [Being Editing ]

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hana samir is egyptian/british girl , she's 19 years old , her mother died in a car crash when hana was only 12 years old , she lives with her drunk father , her life sucks.

zayn malik is pakistani/british guy , he's 24 years old , 1/5 of the famous band "one direction" , he had a perfect life , perfect friends , perfect family and perfect girlfriend or should i say fiancee .

but what will happen when she finds that her mother arranged marriage for her before she died? is he a jackass or sweet guy? read and find out ;)

WARNING: i wrote this story when i was young and its terrible so don't read it 

  *may contain mature content *


  • arranged
  • hate
  • love
  • malik
  • marriage
  • zayn
Irmina_95 Irmina_95 Apr 13, 2017
Is it in just one chapter? Cuz then I can skip the chapter, the book seems good and I wanted to read it so if you could tell me which chapter then I can just skip that chapter
Meggles9119 Meggles9119 Nov 29, 2015
just a suggestion, but I would fix up all of your spelling mistakes if I were you. Please don't take offence to that
cookiesaregr8 cookiesaregr8 Nov 25, 2015
Nobody should report you. Its your story you can do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can put all the mature content that you want in it. Because its yours & you gave a fair warning
munazza12 munazza12 Apr 25, 2014
it luks lyk a really interesting story... m keen to knoe abt hw r hana nd zayn gonna meet up... actually its mysterious
zainab786786 zainab786786 Mar 25, 2014
Seems like an interesting story but has too many spelling errors but obviously its been edited hope to read when finished.XD
saintjeon saintjeon Nov 10, 2013
It would be a lot better if you didn't use text talk. But I like it! 8.4/10