GANGSTER ROYALTIES: Love and Misadventures

GANGSTER ROYALTIES: Love and Misadventures

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キル です By Kirudesu Completed

Trouble wasn't unusual in Khali Vernon's life. Being the trouble herself she was penalized and was tossed back to the Philippines. This time she made up her mind and decided that as much as possible avoid anything dangerous for the meantime, preventing her punishment to worsen.

Unaware, she entered the school known for being the best and having the worst students in their city, the Marvel High.

Jerks? They're selfish.

Brats? Bitching everywhere.

Troublemaker? They're badass.

Delinquent? They're lawless.

The worst? GANGSTERS.

Impudent... cruel... violent. They fear no one, they sumbit to nobody but only to the people called...



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