Alejandro's Prey| ✔️| *Completed*

Alejandro's Prey| ✔️| *Completed*

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|Completed| Best ranked: #14 in Adventure|

My phone rang again and this time, in anger, I answered with a forced, sweet voice.


"Angel, come here right now."

His voice had a dangerous hint in it which almost made my legs move on by themselves, but I was not his toy. He couldn't control me and my actions and keep me away from good friends.

"No thank you." I replied into the phone and was just about to decline before his next words.

"You'll regret it love." His voice grew more deeper, more dangerous and held so much hate for Blake.

Regret it?

How so?

I decided to irritate him and ignored his threat because he sounded so childish.

"That is fine by me, now please, stop calling, I'm trying to catch up with Blake." I muttered with a glare and turned around to see his figure holding his phone close to his ear.

I smirked slightly once he declined the call and began storming off, his clenched fists by his sides and his shoulders straight. 

I waited until I couldn't see him anymore and just as I was about to turn my phone off, a message appeared on my screen, making me feel nervous all of a sudden.

'You leave me no choice, punishment it is.'


Highest ranking:

|#143 in Teen Fiction| May 15th 2018|

Warning: This book contains scenes not appropriate for those under 13 as well as inappropriate language, and a whole lot of physical tension.

Start date: 18/06/2017
End date: 03/05/2018

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LuBnA_Bear LuBnA_Bear Oct 23, 2017
I read the description and I was like " this is a must read book " hehehe  can't wait to continue reading xD Adios
reallyreece reallyreece Jan 04
You write better than me at five in morning than I will in my whole life
hazee_ hazee_ Sep 02, 2017
I love the imagery here! perhaps instead of repeating haunt twice, you can substitute it for torment or something along the lines of that?
Noneknow Noneknow Mar 18
I know this style.. It's that latino's writer!! Oh my f*cking god!!!  This story will definitely a boomzzzzz... Yaasss I'm ready!!
I love how you talk in your author’s notes!!!
                              So inspiring!!! 🤩🙂😂
Ok how am I now just finding you?!?!?😍😭😂😂😂😂