Alejandro's Prey| ✔️|

Alejandro's Prey| ✔️|

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Ramesha._.sksksk By SkittleDrugs Updated Nov 15


My Mother told me, ordered me rather, to never roam the streets at night.

She warned me of the dangers that would forever haunt you, leave you scarred, torment your sleepless nights.

But I never intended on breaking her trust and forcing myself to find the whereabouts of my thirteen year old sibling.

It wasn't his fault, his friends were bad for him. I always told him that, but he never listened to me.

Now I was left here on the streets, freezing, petrified, alone, paranoid.

I was oblivious to the fact that I was being stalked, observed by cold, merciless eyes.

I proceeded to walk, my body wrapped up in my nightwear which was barely even covering my porcelain skin currently surrounded with goosebumps.

All I desired to do was to go home, but how could I have. . .

When the next thing I knew, a large, calloused hand was instantly wrapped around my mouth and darkness quickly consumed me?

My Mother told me, ordered me rather, to never roam the streets at night.

But yet I did, and not once did I regret it . . .


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Warning: This book contains scenes not appropriate for the younger uns, extremely explicit content, swearing, and violence.

You have been warned!

But that really hasn't stopped anyone has it *wink wink*

Start date: 18/06/2017
End date: Unknown suckah lel

Bootiful cover by @drunkblues ❤️ ❤️ it's beautiful

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LuBnA_Bear LuBnA_Bear Oct 23
I read the description and I was like " this is a must read book " hehehe  can't wait to continue reading xD Adios
hazee_ hazee_ Sep 02
I love the imagery here! perhaps instead of repeating haunt twice, you can substitute it for torment or something along the lines of that?
hazee_ hazee_ Sep 02
Hey, sorry for taking so long but I finally had the time to re--read. I'll start it now, looking forward to it as well. Get ready for an influx of comments!
I was awake at that time but wasn't bothered reading it cuz my mum came in the room so I and to take sleep but then I fell asleep for real so yah
Amgorgeous6 Amgorgeous6 Dec 22, 2016
Seriously i am still mad at you for deleting REPEL.......... Cause you know i am going through a situation like that... Lol.....but still go ahead with your new book and it really sounds interesting.... :😉