Kotlc And Percy Jackson crossover!

Kotlc And Percy Jackson crossover!

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"What...are you?" Annabeth gasped, her eyes wide, unsure of what she just witnessed.

	The girl squinted her brown eyes at her, beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, "You're not from around here are you?"

	The sounds of the roof collapsing around them broke the silence, the girl grabbed her hand pulling her towards a sudden, bright, flashing light.

	And right there, Annabeth Chase knew that this was the beginning of something. 

	Something that would haunt her in her dreams.

	Annabeth Chase has never been a physically powerful demigod. Sure she was smart, thanks to her mom Athena. But compared to her peers, she just didn't have that special ability like they did. She was considered a weak link in the group, only needed when there's a math problem to be solved. 

        So when Chiron tells her that she is to find a missing relic, lost from the gods. She is excited to go on another quest with the others.But Chiron refuses to tell her what it is or what it can do, Annabeth is suspicious. But she goes on the quest anyways with her mothers and other gods help. 

She never thought the missing relic would be found like this.....

*THIS IS A FANFICTION!!* I own nothing but the plot. Everything else belongs to Rick Rordain and Shannon Messenger