I Will Find You This Time (REVISING)

I Will Find You This Time (REVISING)

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TheTrappedRapunzel By TheTrappedRapunzel Updated Jul 23, 2017

I felt him sit down on the chair next to my bed. He intertwined his fingers with mine.

His hands are warm. Ayoko tanggalin niya ang pagkahawak sa kamay ko.
I feel safe when he is around.

I badly want to open my eyes, gusto ko hawakan ang mukha niya at tingnan siya sa mga mata. 
I want to tell him I'm alright. That everything is fine.

"I've always wanted to do this. Pag naglalakad ka sa tabi ko, I've always wanted to hold your hand like this. While you're walking beautifully by my side, I want everyone to know that they can't even touch a single strand of hair on your head because I'm going to protect you" he says.

He adds, "And you know what's unfair? That all these time you were the one I've been searching for. I wasted so much time looking for someone who was right beside me all along. If I only knew! If I fcking knew, right when I met you on your first day on campus, we would've been together longer." 

So my intuition was right.
He did know something about myself.
Something I don't even know.

What he said next made the tears I have been trying to control fall, "I hate to say this but I don't know when I'll see you again. I've been blocked from seeing you--all of us actually that care for you, we can't be near you any longer. But like I said, I made a promise and I always keep my promises. You know that, right? Since we were kids, I always kept them" 

Nagulat ako ng halikan niya ako. 
Na distract ako sa mainit niyang mga labi ng may basang tumulo sa mukha ko.
Mga luha niya.

He found me.

Now it's time that I find him.
After I find the truth about who I really am.