Summertime Sweethearts

Summertime Sweethearts

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Sara By capitolsrebel Completed

Rebecca Summers, also known as Becca, is the kind of girl who is very rebellious as well as laid back. She also barely has any friends due to her unfavourable attitude.   

To change Becca's behavior, her parents, send her to a summer camp, to help out in the management of the camp. And worst of all, it was an all-boys summer camp. Becca refuses as soon as she is told the new information but in the end of a tough one-on-one battle with her parents, she finds herself moving to the camp site within no time.  

One look at the place and she hates it. However, at camp she meets a group of five attractive boys and her twin brother, Kaiden Summers. And they all came to the camp for the same reason: to change their behaviors. Out of these five boys (excluding her twin), one of them catches her eyes and she finds herself falling for him deeper and deeper, till there is no turning back.        

With the strict 'no relationship' rule in camp, will Becca and the mystery boy find a way to catch up with each other? Or will they stay apart forever? 

Will this camp be indeed a summer to remember?

(This book is undergoing minor editing. It's going  to  take some time to edit so please be patient)

  • boys
  • camp
  • summer
  • teenagers
This reminds me of that show I forgot the name of it but it is a Vine to she hitting two pans together and singing (by singing I mean yelling) "I DON'T SLEEP CUZ OF YALL,YALL DONT GET TO SLEEP CUZ OF MEH" 😂😂😂
fauxphoenix fauxphoenix Oct 12, 2017
Even though I'm not, when he said 'sure' I would have leaned forward in the chair and said through gritted teeth;
                              "Bitçh I ain't into guys. Sure my aśs ya hòe"
Madajanki3 Madajanki3 Apr 22 sweetie, school is a childs personal hell, and every parents heaven.
TheArtistWhoWrites TheArtistWhoWrites Apr 21, 2014
This cover is perfect! you don't need to keep changing it! :)
- - Nov 06, 2013
Itz really good...but I hope you lessen the amount of f-words..I'm nt telling you to stop just reduce it!! But otherwise...I love it...waiting for the next chappie.... <3
Ohhlala_77 Ohhlala_77 Nov 06, 2013