The Menace(GirlxGirl)

The Menace(GirlxGirl)

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Em By MomokoFaust Completed

On my doorstep…

“I’m in love with you.”

Was a menace…

“Come again?” I asked unsteadily.

This was not Dennis the menace. No, this was much worse…

“I said I’m in love with you.”

“Ah…” I said and took a sip of my coffee. 

On my doorstep, was Ruvi the menace…

😏like hand positions.... ahem of course for sign language... u taught ela right😏😂
KhalilSton3 KhalilSton3 Oct 03
It's not that big of a difference. Why does age even matter?... Oh yeah pedophilia.
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby 2 days ago
Wish I had that kinda courage to ask out someone I like but I'd be given the same reply 😆
BloodyRedRuby BloodyRedRuby 2 days ago
I never get carded wait that must be cause I never drink 👻
I imagine myself partying and being complete immature when I become 28
Dark haired girls with light colored eyes are the best. ♡_♡
                              I'd be hitting on you even if you're 30 and I'm 15