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Alpha's Girl [Interracial(B. 1/1)]

Alpha's Girl [Interracial(B. 1/1)]

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Timira M. By diosamira_ Completed

Werewolf's aren't real. Everyone knows that. Right?  Renegade Silver, 17 years old. Future mate of Alpha, Reno Blade. Badass who takes no shit from anyone, not even Renegade, who shows she fears no one. What happens when one path crosses the other? Not out of fate, but maybe on purpose? What happens when Reno is determined to turn Renegade to one of them and mate her as soon as her 18th birthday? Is there something her family isn't telling her; like maybe they might be wolves themselves?

Preach! Amen! God bless you! I very much agree to this. Love isn't in color , looks , or judgement of sexuality. Love is in the heart and soul. When loving someone you can't help , but fall. It's easy to fall in love , but hard to fall out.
The only time there is a problem when white men/women date black men/women because of a fetish. That's just sick but other then that love is love
Y'all needa stfu 😴 she can say she's beautiful and talk about how pretty she is without being conceited damn. It's called self love and acceptance, not everyone in this world is depressed, sad, and self hating. Aight? cool.
meIaninaire meIaninaire May 28
When the reader says she's ugly everyone complains because it happens so often but then she says she's pretty and now she's conceited
Interracial relationship are nice but black love will always be the best. As long as we black women stand together and don't worship white men there is nothing wrong with the swirl
BabyJjai BabyJjai Jul 18
I'm 12 and I like all races, mostly white and black. (I'm not rushing into dating, just about to say something), but so far I haven't really seen a white boy like a black girl☹️💔