Being Pansexual

Being Pansexual

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Bryn By SkyTheGhostKing Updated Dec 18, 2017

So this is just a little story about me and how I came to terms with my sexuality. I'm writing to help and support those that feel like they're struggling to find who they are. You're not alone. 

This book also touches on other subjects too.

You're now entering a negativity free zone! 

Don't like it, don't read, simples.

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lighthamilton lighthamilton Nov 30, 2017
Everyone I know knows I'm pansexual even teachers. I'm hella open with my sexuality.
lovewins100times lovewins100times Sep 03, 2017
Thats how i felt when i came out to my parents as transgender
Awkwardxblackgirl Awkwardxblackgirl Nov 07, 2017
eh I haven't told I'm pansexual yet but a few mouths ago I thought I was bisexual so I came out as that and now I'm questioning my gender so.....mmmmm
dolphingal360 dolphingal360 Sep 23, 2017
I hate it when I tell someone I'm pan and they say "what's that?" And I explain what it is and they say "so ur bi?" And I have to explain everything about the lgbtq+ community until they understand
I've been out as pansexual and gender fluid for roughly a year. My biological relatives don't know that I have come out, and never will as they are not supportive of me anyway. My friends, on the other hand, are extremely supportive of me.
Natalia_Roga Natalia_Roga Nov 02, 2017
I just came out today for the first time to one friend and she accepted it and I’m so happy but I really hate it that they did such things to you