An Unbreakable Bond (My French Teacher Claims I'm His Mate - book 2)

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“No matter how unfit I know I am for you; no matter how unworthy I know I am of you... I love you!” She confessed.
    “It’s I who is unworthy of you, cara.” Was his reply. 
    Maria and Blake had made up; he didn't say it back though and it made her determined to hear those words fall off his lips... but will that be all she has to worry about? Most definitely not! 
    They say love conqueers all, but does it really?
    Sequel to "An Undeniable Connection"; a story that must be read beforehand to understand this one.
Just as a little helpful editing this should be ai instead of suis
Thank heavens they didn't split and I like lovey dovey I think it's cute and makes me smile insanely 
Hey semsem. I'm your fan from Africa-Tanzania. Love your books. Xxx
supper love this chapter,as I've read it my tears run it much much much....
omg.. i love ur story.. and the way ur description...  u r just too good...  i'm feeling too releaved after reading sequel... i jst lv ur book....
Your story is very lovely and beautiful. The characters are very believable and their emotions touched my soul. The challenges that they overcome, makes the story even more special.