Adopted by Team Crafted [Book One]

Adopted by Team Crafted [Book One]

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Jillian is the tom boy of the orphanage. She play's minecraft, wears mainly black, red and dark purple here and there. She is 16 now and had been in the same orphanage since she was 4. Her parents abandoned her on the street 5 blocks from the adoption center and she had walked there by herself.

Jill was always a very independent person. She records minecraft video's for youtube and was really funny. But everyone only payed attention to The popular one's; like Team Crafted. Now don't get her wrong. She loves Team Crafted. You could say she is obsessed, well, she herself had called herself obsessed from time to time.

She doesn't have any friends at the orphanage. She claims they are all to girly. She is kind of friends with the receptionist Max but other then that she is a loner.

She has long straight black hair with purple streaks in her hair. She wears prescription nerd glasses, not just for looks (because they do look awesome XD)

One day when these youtubers adopt her, her life will change forever.

OMG my name is Jillian this is the first time I've seen it used in a fanfic!
I read the description then I forgot it was the description so I sat here like why won't the next chapter load
Honestly i would say you put a LITTLE too much information about Jill in the intro
I'm literally reading this because it's my life/name/glasses/personality expect I'm not a orphan and my hair is bronde
Well, you put a descriptions worth in the intro! So no I don't think so
A friend commented on this book and I saw it on the news feed.And I have a good feeling about it