The girl behind the piano.

The girl behind the piano.

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Deep in the forest I play the piano. Playing the simplest notes just so I can let everything go for a moment, to just be me. I play the piano to save my family, to save my little brother. My parents don't afford enough money to pay the treatments for my brother with leukemia. That's why perform anywhere I can to save enough money for his treatments . 

When Scarlett Holt plays on her piano in the forest on a hot summer day, she decides to take a walk. Suddenly she hears the galloping of a horse. When she hides behind one of the trees she sees the horse all alone. When she walks closer to the horse the owner of it appears from behind the trees. "I can see he likes you, he hasn't run off yet." He told her when they both had stopped moving. He was on a distance, but Scarlett could hear him clearly. "My name is Ryan."

What happens when Ryan visits Scarlett more and more? Will he find out her and her families secret?

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LiBee8391 LiBee8391 Sep 19, 2018
Don't want 2 b cruel but I think in the last sentence it's supposedly 'it reminds me how strong we are together * Other then that <3 it!
supriya1717 supriya1717 Jan 07
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