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The Darkness Within

The Darkness Within

53K Reads 583 Votes 40 Part Story
Morgan By Mlana3675 Completed

(Book One of the Andra Kingdom Series)
Caitirina has a secret she could never have imagined. Something as always felt slightly off in her life, having suffered the past few years with an empty hole in her heart, and mind. Then her life changes forever, after being kidnapped by the Queen of the Fae, Narishka. Caitirina meets Lorcan, head guard of the Andra Kingdom who feels like more than just a handsome stranger. And more than human. They're drawn to one another in a way both of them can't describe. 
Now Lorcan must help Caitirina destroy Narishka before she destroys everything that is light, and fills the the world with an evil darkness. Along the way Caitirina will learn of a different life she once had, and learn to live it once again.

Badboys4life Badboys4life Jul 11, 2013
This is a very great unique storyline 
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ashleyrenee0000 ashleyrenee0000 Mar 20, 2013
This book is so good can't stop reading it your such a good author
Always_Love_Ireland Always_Love_Ireland Sep 11, 2012
There were a plethora of grammatical errors when it came to punctuation and capitalization. Whenever Flora says 'father' the 'f' has to be a capitol because it's a proper noun. But I think that the story has a lot of potential!
ChelciaGordon ChelciaGordon Aug 28, 2012
This was a good start but i did spot a few errors, but nothing big! Well done :)
Mlana3675 Mlana3675 Aug 21, 2012
@Kara_writes Glad you liked it! Hopefully you liked the rest just as much. :D
Kara_writes Kara_writes Aug 21, 2012
Intriguing  start. It opens up a lot of questions for the reader, and I'm eager to learn some more about the characters. I don't think that it was boring to be honest -- it was very fast-paced and moved along nicely. I'm curious to see what is going to happen next.