bad boy and the nerd

bad boy and the nerd

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tyaraluvsu By tyaraluvsu Updated Apr 15, 2014

Aarons point of view.

Man this school is over rated. I can't wait till next year. I thought to myself. Someone was tapping on my shoulder. I turned around to see this kind of short girl with brown hair, and geek glasses on.

"Excuse me? You're standing against my locker."She said a little quiet

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said back

I moved a little over. Her locker is next to mine how could I not notice her before. She's so pretty wow. Wait I cant be thinking this.

Chloe's point of view.

Oh my god I'm freaking out right now. The school bad boy talked to me, I wonder why he was standing against my locker. Now he's staring at me. Wait, did he apologize to me. The school bad boy apologized to me!

"What's your name?"He asked in a deep voice.

Did he just ask for my name? Why he's never noticed me before and our lockers are next to each other's and we have every class together. Not like he goes to his classes.

 "Uhhh Chloe." I said with a quiet voice.

"Aaron come here." Jason yelled.

Aaron ...

COD2348 COD2348 Oct 11, 2016
But at the locker he said how come I never noticed her before?????