Love & Arrows

Love & Arrows

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Yvanna Abigail Wayland is the younger twin sister of the notorious Jace Wayland. She is more of a rule follower than her rule breaker brother. When she and her brother arrived at the New York Institute after their father's death, she knew she was in for a change - a huge one - but she knew she had her brother with her no matter what. That day, she met the eldest Lightwood son - Alexander "Alec" Gideon Lightwood.

It's been ten years, those years were full of fights, of being together and of fighting side-by-side. Everything was going well, that's what she thought until Clary Fray entered the picture. The life Yvanna imagined started to crumble; relationships wrecked and quarrels became more heated between family members, especially hers, all because of the red-head girl.

Will love soar over their heads or pierce their hearts as precise as an arrow? For Yvanna, love was like an arrow; fast but accurate knowing it would land on bull's eye but before being an expert in archery there are challenges to be faced. Challenges that demand sacrifice and sacrifice for a Shadowhunter is a relatively normal term.

Will there be conflicts or will their promise to each other crumble into dust? When someone comes and wrecks their slowly destroyed lives, will everything be the same again or will this be the glue that binds them together as one? Can love defeat all these challenges the inseparable four will face? Shadowhunters love fiercely and when that's gone, they feel hollowed inside which could lead to their downfall.

The twins have a saying about love; "To love is to destroy and that to be loved is to be the one destoryed." Can they prove that what their father said is true or will this be the foundation that proves that all love is not perfect? Can love soar through all these conflicts? Can everything go back to the way it was or will they suffer the consequences of it?

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