Danny and Olivier (II)

Danny and Olivier (II)

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PsychedelicMoose By PsychedelicMoose Updated Jun 07, 2013

**Sequel to Danny and Olivier.

It’s been three years since Danny and Olivier cut things off, and now, Danny’s back in town. He wants to reconnect with Olivier and explain why things were, but he can’t find the words that he needs to say.

Olivier’s changed quite a bit since Danny broke things off— he’s published a book, he’s no longer poor-as-scum, and most importantly, he’s found a lovely fiancé named Sam, who, coincidentally, looks just like Danny. He’s grown up quite a bit, to say in the least.

When Danny bumps into Olivier again, it’s one big, swirling pot of mixed emotions. They both can’t say what they need to say, even if they had helped each other out in the past in life-changing, magnificent ways.

Maybe it’s just their first love symptoms that’s got them going. 

And nothing else.

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ReAdErSfEvEr ReAdErSfEvEr Mar 08, 2017
I want to continue reading this but I don't think I can handle the fact that there's obviously going to be a cliffhanger since you haven't updated in god knows how long
ElScipio ElScipio Jul 28, 2017
Well, this marks the moment when u sank my Ship.... -_- And I'm not happy
TheRealAlois TheRealAlois Jul 02, 2016
And here's where all hope is brutally murdered. 😩😩😩😥😥😥😥😥
Changer_1998 Changer_1998 Jan 21, 2016
two comments for the two: Danny, its your fault and Oli, what the hell, why...my heart can't take this (still reading it though)
jennathecreepymoon jennathecreepymoon Jan 11, 2015
I just read the summary. What. A. Dumbasš. If he only explained what happened, he'd of had his love back. But nooooo
thirdwit thirdwit Jun 17, 2014
I swear, my heart broke a little when I saw that it wasn't Danny, but Sam, and that he freaking LOVED him!!!! What the hell is that!?!?!?