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The Door

The Door

1.6K Reads 232 Votes 5 Part Story
Shaun Allan By ShaunAllan Completed

The door wasn't there that morning.
  But now it was.  And Steven couldn't help but step through.
  So why is he at the hotel, and why does that man look and sound so much like him?
  And why does the touch of another suddenly make him want to vomit?
  This story originally appeared in the fantastic Sun Kissed Fantasy anthology, hosted by the genuinely wonderful @RebeccaSky!  Check out the other amazing stories here: https://www.wattpad.com/289805056-sun-kissed-a-fantasy-anthology-the-door-by-shaun
  It's actually based in the One King West Hotel in Toronto, where I stayed when visiting Wattpad HQ and the walk Steven takes is the walk to the HQ offices.  It was while having breakfast just as Steven does in this story that I came up with the idea.

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