Okay, let me get this straight...

Okay, let me get this straight...

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Kenzi By zimgir1098 Updated Nov 05, 2011

Kas Stone has a cold hard bitch attitude, but for a good reason. Her parents are dead, and she's only 17. Her twin, Danny is Mr. Popular and an overprotective manwhore of a brother. She has no other family, that she is aware of, yet, and she lives in a mansion with Danny and thier staff. Their parents left behind a fortune to last them at least 7 life times. Almost as many as a cat. She isn't spoiled or a brat, but she built up a bitch wall to protect herself from getting hurt. Then she mets a boy named Liam and her life changes forever. But she's not sure if that's good or bad. But she'll find out soon as she sets out on an adventure, unknowingly jump starting her destiny. Along the way she meets some of Liam's family, Sam and Dean. They're different though, the boys and Kas. Kas has been sheltered, protected. The boys and her grew up in two different worlds, very far apart worlds at that. 

Does Kas fall for one of them, or is she too damaged by the new knowledge that she learns? Can she love again after what she's seen and what she's experienced? Time will only tell.

Sam and Dean are Erik Kripke's along with whatever other peeps are from the series. That's why it's called a fan-fic people.

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death_loves_pizza death_loves_pizza Aug 01, 2014
I was like, " that's a nice outfit" and then sketchers came up and I was like, " Ohhh..." XD
Books_131 Books_131 Jun 05, 2013
OMG IM ALREADY IN LOVE IT HAS SAM AND DEAN!!!!! That's one of the cutest pictures of those two
monishajane monishajane Sep 20, 2012
Your school starts at the end of july? Ours start in september!
zimgir1098 zimgir1098 Feb 07, 2011
Disredgard the part where it says she only has her learners permit.