What Could Go Wrong | Peter Parker x Reader

What Could Go Wrong | Peter Parker x Reader

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Question: What could go wrong?

Answer: fucking everything. 

You're hired to become an Avenger, after a bit of a scene. You meet a boy named Peter Parker, and your brother forces you to go to school, but to you, it's a living hell. After living in the 40's for most of your unbearable life, Hydra torturing you underground and controlling you, and only enough time in the twenty-first century to be hauled into fandoms, what could go wrong? 
On the other hand, Peter Parker met a girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair that was as sassy as Tony Stark but as nice as Steve Rogers. Thor and Captain America convince (y/n)'s brother that she needs to go to school with him, the two literally spend more than six hours with each other. 

You can guess what happened next, of course, the nerdy boy would fall for the 40's girl.

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Gisselle-Writes Gisselle-Writes Jul 24, 2017
One,I did mean it,two,Yes I'm very protective YOU HURT HIM ILL SWEAR ILL HAVE LUCIFER THE DEVILC OME AN GET YOU..I'm satanic An yet I'm Christian
pyroamazon pyroamazon Dec 31, 2017
As soon as I saw that this chapter was set in the 40’s, my brain was just like “ lemme pretend that everything was good and racism ain’t exist”
Gisselle-Writes Gisselle-Writes Jul 24, 2017
Woah I'm older than my mum then..Maybe idk like 1940? Bc that means I'm older than my mum if I was 16 in 1940 an my mum was in 1933